As diverse and interesting as Houston’s dining scene is, the city still offers plenty of restaurants that serve up a classic slab of beef, grilled over wood or seared to perfection in a cast iron pan.

Searching for Houston’s best steaks turns up so many good options that it can be difficult to decide where to dine. Whether in search of seeking a massive, bone-in ribeye carved at the table or a petite, endlessly tender filet mignon, there’s a bevy of restaurant stalwarts and newcomers alike that are waiting to make the meatiest of dreams come true.

From certified Japanese Kobe (or Akaushi or Miyazaki) to American Wagyu to USDA Prime, these 12 Houston steakhouses serve up the city’s best cuts of beef at a variety of price points that will satisfy big wigs and ballers on a budget alike.

11. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse
As the O.G. of Houston’s steak scene, there’s no better service or steak in town than at this Westheimer institution. The beef is USDA Prime and aged in-house, the wine list is ridiculously comprehensive, and starters like Pappas’ iconic turtle soup and lobster mac & cheese offer an excellent complement to a ribeye, NY strip, or filet.