Pappas Restaurants has long been one of the most dependable and beloved local chains in the Houston area, providing diners with a combination of the city’s favorite cuisines, including Tex-Mex, barbecue, burgers, and Cajun restaurants. The restaurant group’s newest destination, Little’s Oyster Bar, is a wonderful reminder that such restaurant groups, especially those that run local chains, shouldn’t be underestimated or counted out. The new restaurant, which replaced the iconic Little Pappas Seafood House in Montrose, is an unmissable new addition to the Houston food scene. With California native Jason Scott Ryczek as chef, Little’s merges Gulf Coast cuisine with sustainable West Coast techniques, featuring a standout caviar service fueled by Ryczek’s harvested white sturgeon, tempting cocktails, and balanced seafood dishes like tender grilled octopus pocked with sesame seeds and swiped with a bright schug, and a buttery, flaky Yellow Edge Grouper served with both beurre blanc and caper-flecked brown butter. And, above all, diners can enjoy the friendly, familiar, but still impeccable service that the Pappas family is known for.

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