The holidays are approaching quickly, and many of us will be heading to airports laden with gifts, suitcases, last-minute carry-on bags, and perhaps a book or laptop to get us through the hours of waiting and flying. Who has time to pack something to eat or room to carry it? So, with an hour or more before boarding (because we had to allow enough time to be safely there despite traffic and crowds), we’re hungry.

Fortunately, airport restaurants have come a long way in recent years. At the busiest major airports, the dining options range from coffee shops to steak houses, with lots of choices in between and quick takeaway places with pre-made sandwiches and yogurt parfaits ready to go.

Airport food has become a topic of discussion, whether it’s where to get the best breakfast sandwich to take on the plane or the most appetizing sit-down meal before a flight or between connections.

Yelp has gathered input from travelers and created this list of the best places to eat at America’s 25 busiest airports, starting with Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, which has handled the most passenger traffic every year since 2000. The best restaurants are determined using an algorithm that looks at both the number of Yelp reviews and star rating, and all restaurants are inside their respective airports.

You might not be passing through one of these on your own holiday trip, but check out the list and be encouraged that appealing food choices do exist in America’s airports.