In most towns, a steak dinner is often reserved for celebrations, special occasions, or significant milestones. But this is Houston. Any random Tuesday in this town could call for a textbook-sized slab of marbled meat. From wild game spots, upscale KBBQ restaurants, and old-school chophouse institutions, these are our top picks for when nothing else will hit the spot quite like a beautiful hunk of sizzling steak.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Let’s be clear, the original Pappas Bros. Steakhouse near the Galleria (not to be confused with the location Downtown) serves the best steak in the city. Aged for 28 days in-house, Pappas sears every cut of beef until a crisp black-pepper crust forms, with only a light seasoning of butter and salt, with each bite nutty, juicy, beefy, and rich. The restaurant lives up to the steak by leaning into every tried-and-true steakhouse trope: extremely dark lighting, servers in starched shirts, walls of wine, deep-set booths, massive side dishes, and a flamboyant display case stuffed full of meat. When choosing a spot to feel and eat like royalty, Pappas tops our list.

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