HOUSTON (KTRK) — Use this list to get you through Meatless Fridays during Lent! We asked ABC13 viewers for their favorite seafood restaurants, and there are the top 10:

If you’re looking for Mexican food in Houston, chances are you don’t have to go very far from where you are right at this moment. Our city has a plethora of choices for Tex-Mex, interior Mexican and tacos.

In the latest, two-part installment of The Full Menu, our group of local food experts — Eric Sandler of CultureMap Houston, Gwendolyn Knapp from Houstonia and David Leftwich of Sugar and Rice — share their favorite spots from around the city. Below, we highlight six of the best restaurants for Mexican food in Houston.

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Sandler says: As we note on today’s show, where someone lives determines their favorite Tex-Mex restaurant as much as the quality of its food. Growing up in Sugar Land, Pappasito’s became my family’s go-to, and we ordered the same thing every time: a mixed fajitas platter with beef and chicken in a sufficient quantity to feed our family of five and take a little bit home. Thirty-ish years later, I still find myself going for the flavorful, medium rare beef fajitas, but now they’re joined by one of the restaurant’s tart, never-too-sweet house margaritas.

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