Every week we recognize team members who have gone above and beyond!  

July 27, 2023

  • What a GREAT experience. We celebrated our daughter’s graduation and my wife worked with Mary to reserve a private dining room. She was fantastic! The Manager, Anna and her team William, Matthew, and Scott are the best. They were accommodating and professionals. The food was amazing, as usual. This level of service and quality is the reason we come back. Pappasito’s has been a family favorite for many years. Please recognize these valuable employees and extend our sincerest appreciation for their efforts. Thank you so much!!
    Pappasito’s 3 – Sugar Land
  • John was amazing! We flew from Florida just to eat here because it’s my favorite restaurant. John was top notch. Gave fantastic service, was quick, and always made sure we didn’t need anything. You can tell he really cares about his Guests. We actually came 2 days in a row and sat in his section for the second time because he gave such great service yesterday!
    Pappasito’s 17 – Marietta

July 12, 2023

  • I have to say that Jira is the standard of how to create a quality experience by leveraging great service. My husband, children and I were provided great food, drink and dessert recommendations that supported our families’ complex needs. Food was good, but she made the service great. As a mom with 3 little ones, because of her service I was able to relax and feel taken care of. Thank you, Jira for everything!
    Pappadeaux 29 – Duncanville
  • I must take the time to thank your staff for the superior service I received while dining at your establishment. Your staff went above and beyond to make sure my experience was the best it could be. The following personnel provided me with nothing less than the utmost professionalism (Bartenders: Andrew, Jarius, and Andreuos; Bar Back: Jerrence; Manager: Deion). They were very detail-oriented and really seem to enjoy working in a professional restaurant capacity. They all made sure everyone was comfortable and happy. They were extremely punctual while mastering excellent customer service skills. They all demonstrated great interpersonal skills and know how to build rapport with customers to provide them with an enjoyable dining experience. Congratulations and thank you to the Duncanville, Texas location!
    Pappadeaux 29 – Duncanville

June 30, 2023

  • My dad, Fiance, and I visited Pappas BBQ this evening and I’d just like to say that the entire experience was fantastic. My father is wheelchair bound and had an appointment in the medical center this afternoon – going to Pappas BBQ afterwards made his day. Deelyce greeted us, explained the menu, the meats and the entire process. She was very friendly yet very professional and prompt. I saw her handle several customers after us with the same friendly respect. We will definitely be back to see her and enjoy the food. I think I can get my dad to possibly look forward to future appointments if I take him to Pappas BBQ afterwards. Thank you for your time and I truly hope Deelyce receives a kind notification of our wonderful experience.
    Pappas Bar-B-Q 1 – Pierce St.
  • Ezequiel was very personable. He greeted us promptly, kept our drinks filled, placed our orders exactly like we wanted, and food was fresh/hot. Everything was so good that we ordered extra to go. He thanked us for coming and hoped to see us again soon. We’ll be back next Saturday for lunch. Best experience at ANY Pappas restaurant. Thanks Ezequiel, we’ll see you next weekend!
    Pappas Seafood House 5 – Webster

June 16, 2023

  • When we first sat down, Troy asked if we were celebrating anything. My wife and I were celebrating our 1-year anniversary and he instantly thanked us for choosing PB. He was always very attentive and never went too long without checking on us. He was prompt to bring us drinks and give us updates on dinner. The tasty dinner alone was enough to have a great night, but having Troy as our Server made it all the better. We definitely noticed and appreciated his hard work to make it a special night for us. Even though he had a table of 9, he never sacrificed the service he provided to us.
    Pappas Bros. Steakhouse 2 – Dallas
  • Our first time to visit Pappasito’s Cantina and we just had to let your company know what a wonderful experience we had. Our Server, Amairani, made our experience so memorable. From her welcome to Pappasito’s to her knowledge of the menu items. Her positive attitude, it was a dining delight. In these times, you meet very few employees that make you feel right at home. She is one of the reasons we will return. The food was awesome!
    Pappasito’s Cantina 5 – Lombardy Lane

June 2, 2023

  • Fantastic job hosting our graduation party. From the very beginning this process has been a positive experience. Booking with Hector from the beginning was very easy and he followed up numerous times. The entire team reached out beforehand to help make sure everything ran smoothly. Our Server that night was Carlos and he was truly phenomenal. Everything was timely coming out, his service was impeccable and we were truly blessed to have his service.
    Pappasito’s Cantina 11 – San Antonio
  • We drove 103 miles to celebrate our 44th anniversary. The food was delicious as always. I mentioned we were celebrating our anniversary upon closing our bill. Daniel came by to wish us a happy anniversary and tell us that dessert was on them. It was extremely nice of him to come by our table! We ordered the brownie. I must tell you that I am very picky about brownies and only like my homemade recipe. The brownie was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed! We go to San Antonio several times a year. Although we have several favorite restaurants there, I can assure you we will return to this Pappadeaux location. Much continued success at Pappadeaux. You are doing an excellent job of training your staff. They are friendly and very efficient.
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 12 – San Antonio-North East Loop 410

May 24, 2023

  • While waiting for my To-Go order, I found a seat at the bar and decided to order drinks and an appetizer. Alisha did an excellent job of helping every Guest at the bar, she was fast, friendly and on point! The bar was packed and very busy, but everyone had their drinks, food, or checks. We were all amazed at her professionalism, outstanding customer service, attentiveness, and overall pleasant demeanor. Other patrons and I commented on how great her service was and how pleased we all were to get that Pappadeaux treatment and top-notch service. Excellent work Alisha!!! Your skills are unmatched, we were all very impressed. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 19 – Jimmy Carter
  • I have to tell you that I have been dining at Pappadeaux at the Lawrenceville location for a couple years now. The Hosts have smiles on their faces and are warm and greeting. The Servers are personable, accurate, and do an incredible job. Emmanuel in particular is probably the best Server that I’ve had. He has a great attitude and truly cares. I was really impressed with him. I came back the following day and tried to sit in Emmanuel’s section, but he was working outside that day, and it was too hot for me. I ended up with another great Server. Based on my experience this level of quality service starts with the management. They are doing a really good job.
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 43 – Lawrenceville

May 11, 2023

  • It seemed to be our “lucky night,” since we were seated right away, even though the restaurant was busy. We spent a few moments looking over the menu, but already had a good idea of what we wanted to order. I chose the Fried Catfish Platter, and my husband ordered the Soft-Shelled Crab. Our Server, Cindy, was a blessing. She was cheerful, energetic, but most of all, knowledgeable. From our drinks to our entrees, Cindy got everything right. The food came out quickly and looked delicious. The whole meal made my Louisiana heart sing. The Manager, Amber, spoke with us as she moved through the dining room, making sure everything was just right. She’s the kind of Manager that makes sure everyone and everything is organized, well-executed, and in synch. Pappadeaux, like its sister restaurants, Pappasito’s, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, and Pappas Bar-B-Q is successful because the food they produce is delicious and the place is run by professionals.
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 7 – Richardson
  • This was my first visit EVER and my husband’s first in over 20 years and I can assure you I will be back thanks to these two employees. Amber was training Charlie, but you could not tell because he was very knowledgeable and so friendly. Amber was one of the best Servers we have ever had. Very personable and just over the top the best! We live in Frisco but will drive to Richardson when these two are working because the service was that good, not to include the amazingly tasty food! Thank you!
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 7 – Richardson

March 9, 2023

  • Helen took my order at the counter. She was very friendly and asked for my name for ordering purposes. I had the privilege to sit near the counter and watch/listen to her work as I enjoyed my meal. As the line grew with customers who appeared flustered just because that’s what traveling does, she remained calm, friendly, and inviting. With each order, she asked for their name. If it was a difficult name, she took the time with each person to understand and pronounce their name correctly. Before I left, I asked for a refill, which she did promptly with a smile and then addressed me by my name, she remembered my name!!! Helen is someone who cares about people. I hope she receives recognition for this because we need more Helens in this world.
    Pappasito’s Cantina 24 – DFW Terminal C
  • Went into Pappasito’s on my first connecting flight. The food was good. I came back after having to deplane and waiting two hours on a flight. Alex was incredibly professional both visits. He remembered my drink order of club soda from the first visit. He also went above and beyond to make my experience awesome and memorable. Highly recommend and I have told my friends and family to look out for Alex at gate C19 in the DFW airport.
    Pappasito’s Cantina 24 – DFW Terminal C

March 2, 2023

  • Dillon was very informative about the things on the menu. He was respectful and friendly. Also thank you to the cooks, the food was amazing, it was delicious and perfect. We will definitely give recommendations on your restaurant, and we will be going back soon! The alcohol drinks were great too, my husband and I really enjoyed them. Thank you all for the excellent and friendly service, see you all soon!
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 34 – Pharr
  • This was our first visit but definitely not our last. The Host was nice, the Server was very helpful and attentive. He took the time to explain to us the menu, bestselling dishes and offer personal recommendations based on our interests. The food was delicious and the beer was amazing. Overall, we had a great first experience. We opted to visit as a date night/birthday celebration but will definitely return for regular lunch or dinner. We traveled from Brownsville 50 miles, but it was definitely worth it. Super positive experience. Thank you for that. And just want to emphasize that Victor was an amazing Server.
    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 34 – Pharr

February 23, 2023

  • Once we were seated, Angel our Server made sure we were attended to in every way. She absolutely went above and beyond. From taking our drink order to bringing out appetizers and our entrees, the experience was delightful with Angel. As a small business owner and previously a regional manager I really appreciate a great staff. Given the climate of employment in the state and country, I understand finding great staff is hard to find. Please appreciate Angel, she is the reason I’ll be returning.
    Pappasito’s Cantina 9 – Austin
  • John is the epitome of a Pappas Server! This is what sets Pappas apart from other restaurants. He was a perfect Pappas Server (clean tables, great suggestions, running all his food, anticipated needs, etc.) but add that with his kindness/humor and he made our random Saturday lunch feel like a special occasion. Personable, professional, and showed such kindness. We truly appreciate all he did to make our lunch stop on our vacation a memorable one!
    Pappasito’s Cantina 17 – Marietta

February 16, 2023

  • We visited Pappas Burger at Hobby, ordered To-Go, and was surprised by the customer service and food. Isabella took our order, and she was kind and helpful. The food was amazing! Normally airport food is not good, but this meal was better than any in-restaurant dining experience. I wanted to pass on the thank you, as the service AND meal were both fantastic! I’ll be coming back for sure.
    Pappas Burger 2 – Hobby Airport
  • Wanted to share some positive feedback. I had a couple hours layover. Had lunch at the bar, which was packed, but the service was great. Wes the Bartender and Coby the Manager on duty were attentive and proactive with all the patrons. What stuck out was the several times asking if the meal was good and the Manager and entire team seem to pay attention, pitch in with others on the team and genuinely care when they asked, “how is everything”. Keep up the good work and can-do attitude!
    Pappas Burger 2 – Hobby Airport

February 13, 2023

  • Had a wonderful experience today dining at Pappas. The service was outstanding, and the food was delicious. Our steaks and sides arrived on time and tasted fresh! The Server and the Manager of the section even brought us an extra side dish after they heard that we don’t eat pork (the creamed spinach had ham). He was so sweet! Julian even brought our TWO desserts when he heard we were debating on which one to order. Definitely had a memorable time celebrating my husband’s birthday. Special thanks to Jeremy the Manager as well that checked on us at the end of the night. We’ll definitely be making the drive back to this steakhouse!
    Pappas Bros. Steakhouse 1 – Houston Galleria
  • We want to thank you for a perfect rehearsal dinner. The professionalism of Michelle’s expert planning and the excellent service provided by all the Servers and staff, they treated our bride and groom and Guests with a lovely and fun rehearsal dinner. The food and wine were amazing! Thank you so much for making our event lovely and stress free! Pappas Bros Steakhouse is the stellar place to host an event!
    Pappas Bros. Steakhouse 1 – Houston Galleria

February 2, 2023

  • When we arrived, Brittany was at the Host stand and offered to take us to her section to seat us instead of us waiting for another 15 minutes. After getting a seat she gave us the royal treatment (we were not expecting such awesome hospitality) as if we were her only table. She was very proficient getting our drinks, taking our orders, and checking in with us after our food was delivered. Brittany’s WELCOMING personality definitely encouraged us to come back. Honestly her exceptional outgoing customer service is mind blowing! Please make sure that she is recognized because customer service goes a long way and she definitely set the bar high for our future visits.
    Pappadeaux 20 – Westmount, IL

  • This was our first visit to the restaurant. For years we have been seeing rave reviews and told ourselves we need to plan a trip from Detroit to go dine here. When we first parked and walked up, it was so beautiful and inviting. We took tons of beautiful pictures. Just beautiful! I had only seen pictures of the food, but it was amazing and definitely worth the 4.5-hour drive. It was also my first-time trying crawfish, I’m in love now. Our Server, Devin, was amazing as well. I work in customer service and this is just as important as the food. He was professional, friendly, funny and was knowledgeable about the menu. We certainly appreciate that. It topped off our visit from Detroit.
    Pappadeaux 20 – Westmount, IL

January 26, 2023

  • I don’t typically have more than a cup of coffee for breakfast, however your restaurant catered breakfast for my office, and it was so good that I vowed to stop there on my way to work. On this day I stopped for two breakfast tacos, and they were simply delicious. The eggs and meats were cooked to perfection. That hint of smokehouse flavor was delightful. The Server at the drive through was pleasant and the timeliness was impressive.
    Pappas Bar-B-Q 24 – Duncanville
  • This was my first visit to Pappas Bar-B-Q. The Manager welcomed me, and I listened as she taught a new hire employee how to ring up a gift card purchase. She demonstrated patience and a servant’s heart while speaking to the new hire. Next, I asked about the family deal being advertised and she promptly and concisely detailed for me what the family deal included and the overall value of the purchase. I waited for my co-workers to arrive and listened as she welcomed other diners, spoke kindly to fellow employees and was moving around the restaurant helping clean up. My co-workers arrived and we sat and ate. Our work talk ran late and soon we were the only folks still in the restaurant. The Manager came over, thanked us for dining and overall made me feel valued and appreciated. The food was delicious. I have been challenged finding great tasting pork ribs in Dallas and these were the best pork ribs I have eaten in Texas. I will recommend your brand. I will tell people at work how much I enjoyed dining at your place not because the food was fantastic but more so because of the customer service your Manager delivered. Job well done!
    Pappas Bar-B-Q 24 – Duncanville

January 20, 2023

  • Brittany was an amazing Server. She had a beautiful light that exuded throughout the entire restaurant. Recently, I’ve been wondering, “Is excellent customer service a thing of the past? Does anyone care about truly serving others?” Today, my question was answered. Brittany wore a smile the entire time. She ascertained satisfaction throughout our dining experience, and she built rapport. I pray that she continues to spread her wings and follow her dreams. Brittany made our experience at Pappasito’s today memorable. We are forever grateful and will recommend her and your restaurant to anyone who asks!
    Pappasito’s 13 – Lombardy Lane
  • From the second my mom and I sat down to eat, Alemayehu, did an incredible job of setting the tone – immediately welcoming, conscientious, and gregarious. We noticed right away that he is an experienced and talented Server, not just with us but with other tables in our vicinity. He knew the menu and made great recommendations, and explicitly checked to see how we wanted to pace our meal – a great practice with a movie theater right across the street! I’m so glad he was my Server after an exhausting flight, what a great meal with amazing service.
    Pappasito’s 13 – Lombardy Lane

January 12, 2023

  • I was impressed by the level of attention and service by your Manager, Chelsea. She was warm, inviting and accommodating to my husband and our Guests from Buffalo. Our Guests were stranded at the airport, so we made last minute late reservations. Chelsea greeted our table promptly, filling in for the Server who had just got sat with a larger party at the same time. She helped guide us with meal options and even made sure I got my favorite appetizer, all while managing a busy restaurant. NEVER once felt like an afterthought. Even our Server, Will, was accommodating and attentive. Thank you, Chelsea and Will for making a stressful day for our friends less stressful for dinner. Please make sure they get the accolades they truly deserve.
    Pappadeaux 3 – Austin I-35
  • Catherine answered the reservation phone line and then listened to our story and then wanted us to meet her after we arrived. She went above and beyond to ensure that our meal and birthday celebration was the best!!! Our Server, Cohen was probably one of the best Servers that we have ever had. Thank you for providing such wonderful staff, superb service, and excellent food! Pappadeaux is one of our favorite restaurants and we look forward to returning.
    Pappadeaux 3 – Austin I-35

January 5, 2023

  • My wife and I moved to The Woodlands almost two months ago. We had never heard of Pappasito’s but our realtor told us it was the “Best Tex-Mex in Texas”. Despite our cynicism of our realtor’s claims, we tried it and were blown away by the service, food, drinks and culture of this incredible restaurant. We moved here knowing no one and eating dinner at Pappasito’s was the most welcomed we had felt in our first three weeks. We visited for our third time last night (third time in 3 weeks). We sat with our third Server. The level of service was consistent with all three of our Servers! Justin, Jesse and Courtney embody everything about the culture of this restaurant. I cannot speak highly enough of these three Servers. They are a testament to the leadership staff of this restaurant. The goal of every restaurant should be to make their Guest feel like family, stuff them with amazing food and have them thinking about their next visit before they even leave their current visit. Pappasito’s checks every box. WE ARE CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE!
    Pappasito’s 23 – The Woodlands
  • I had the most pleasant experience with the To-Go Server Kim! She answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable of every item on the menu. I had a large To-Go order, and she was very patient with me. When I got to curbside pickup, she brought my food out very quickly and greeted me with a big smile. Thank you so much Kim! You are very appreciated!
    Pappasito’s 23 – The Woodlands

December 22, 2022

  • My family absolutely was amazed with our Server, Lucille, she was a pleasure. She explained in detail each item we inquired upon; she didn’t leave anything to question. She made my daughter feel special as this was her birthday dinner. Customer service like the kind that Lucille serves is rare and very much appreciated! The food was amazing and refreshing. I told her what I was craving, and she recommended the Mardi Gras Pasta and told me how to order it. Wow, the dish was the best meal of my life! I’ve already called and recommended it to 3 people. Thank you for great customer service Lucille and thank you Pappadeaux for amazing food!
    Pappadeaux 14 – Beaumont
  • Alex H. was AMAZING!!! Alex was the best I’ve come across in a long time! He kept up conversation with my children. He was prompt and like an old friend to us all. Not only did he create a memorable experience, but the entire staff was kind and courtesy. The kitchen produced amazingly delicious food and the Key Lime Pie was excellent as well as the Rainbow Trout. I wish I lived closer to come more often, but I live in Louisiana. Excellent doesn’t seem enough of a compliment, but it was excellent. Thank you all and especially Alex for such a great dining experience!
    Pappadeaux 14 – Beaumont

December 12, 2022

  • Great experience! Everything was beyond satisfying and customer service from everyone was exemplary! Laura was perfect and made everything easy and fast when ordering curbside pickup. Kitchen Managers Tiara, Elizabeth, and their team are doing a great job and definitely need recognition for the delicious and legendary food! Also, the young ladies delivering the food were excellent. Laura and Treasure were professional and friendly as possible. I’ll be there again soon because of this latest experience. Thanks again to ALL these employees, management, and GM Yesenia and her staff for hiring the right team!
    Pappasito’s 12 – Willowbrook
  • Truly remarkable customer service from our Server, Lauren. She is always smiling and happy to serve people. I’ll definitely return soon based on the prior outstanding experience for both my mother and I, it’s all due to the super awesome employees like Lauren and Rachel who also do a great job. As well as the kitchen staff and the Manager Tiara and her team! I’ll continue to enjoy this location and I hope all the employees are recognized for their efforts!
    Pappasito’s 12 – Willowbrook

November 29, 2022

  • The entire event went off without a hitch and Pappas was excellent. The food was great and up to the usual high standards that we expect at any Pappas Restaurant. Guests raved about the Shrimp Brochette and Tres Leches. The Servers were fantastic. I interacted mostly with Rudy, who was a pleasure. He was polite, informative, flexible, and offered help above and beyond what I expected. Juliet and Genesis were also very responsive and helpful. They made the whole process of planning for the event very easy. Thanks again for all your help. I will be recommending Pappas Catering to my friends and family.
    Pappas Catering – Houston
  • We worked with Juliet to get all the details worked out and set. She was wonderful to work with and very responsive to all our questions and requests. Of course, the food was delicious, right in line with Pappasito’s style. The staff was great! Joey had a group of efficient staff that were really nice to work with. They were on time, set up went very smoothly and I received compliments from our customers. In the executive briefing center, we try to always elevate the customer experience. We wanted them to get a taste of delicious Houston food and hospitality. Your team helped us to do just that! I certainly wanted you to know this is a perfect group to be the face of your catering service. I know we will be doing this again soon and I am excited to continue working with Juliet and hopefully we will be able to get the same group.
    Pappas Catering – Houston

November 22, 2022

  • The whole experience from beginning to end was beyond EXCEPTIONAL!! I can’t rave enough about Adrienne, Dorsey, Jaleesa, and Lakayla. Adrienne and Dorsey contacted me for any needs prior to the event and came in to introduce themselves and check on us. Jaleesa and Lakayla were our Servers, and they went above and beyond to make our party one of the greatest. The food was great, and everyone had the best time. I wanted to thank them personally because it was one of the best experiences. All the Guests were happy and I will continue supporting this location. KUDOS!!
    Pappadeaux 10 – Willobrook

November 16, 2022

  • Shatera was very engaging and just a joy to experience and made the whole evening extra special. It was a blessing to have her as our Server. My wife has been to Pappasito’s before, but I have not and as they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression. This was certainly a memorably positive experience for me, especially since the food was also very delicious.
    Pappasito’s 2 – I 45 N at Airtex

October 26, 2022

  • This young lady’s character shines through even before you see her! The way she greets you via speaker in the drive-through, it’s so inviting! Then you pull up to the window and her smile and personal energy are just so welcoming; for me it made me feel like she actually served me at a table. BIG TIME KUDOS to her; she is definitely an asset to your organization. I have a team that I manage and that if I could, I’d steal Miss Ce’Mone away! Keep SHINING!
    Pappas Bar-B-Q 14 – Westheimer at Gessner
  • I walked in the restaurant just before 9pm unbeknownst the restaurant closed at 9pm. The Manager, Victor, truly helped lead the team to provide a 5-star service. I have been leading teams in technology/music for many years, and his leadership qualities were outstanding. He went the extra mile by getting me ice and he made sure I was not too rushed even though they just closed. He was friendly and truly got the team motivated to help. They all worked together to serve a very tired and hungry guy from Los Angeles. Job well done!
    Pappas Bar-B-Q 14 – Westheimer at Gessner

October 6, 2022

  • We were celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary! Stephanie made our dining experience even more memorable. She was friendly, personable, and knowledgeable about the menu. We were so lucky to have Stephanie as our Server. We wanted to take the time to acknowledge her impressive skills and abilities.
    Pappadeaux 40 – San Antonio
  • We went in to celebrate my son’s college graduation. This restaurant was awesome with all services from the Host, Bartenders, to the Server. We were a party of 10 celebrating. King was our Server, and he was top notch with customer service, speed, friendliness, and energy. The Manager on duty (Andrew) was also excellent with coordination and promoting that all was running smooth. I even noticed him stepping up when he was needed to assist his staff as the need arose. Dedicated customer service and caring employees are rare gems these days. Please commend these two employees!
    Pappasito’s 11 – San Antonio

September 12, 2022

  • A BIG shout out to Managers Shanaie, Jawntriece, and Tremiyah from Pappdeaux 32 for conducting our new banquet classroom training. 
    Pappadeaux 32 – Westheimer
  • We can not forget our team at Pappas Seafood 5. Brittney and Tifani, thank you to the Manager team for supporting and attending the meeting.
    Pappas Seafood 5 – Webster