Everything You Need to Know About the New Pappas Shrimp Shack

Pappas Restaurants is shacking up with some of the tastiest, more affordable seafood in Houston. The restaurant empire has launched a casual pop-up called Pappas Shrimp Shack, where the prices are friendly and fried foods abound.

This pop-up wasn’t done on a mere whim.

“Harris Pappas had this idea of doing a more approachable seafood concept for a long time,” Pappas’ director of marketing Christina Pappas tells PaperCity.

“We always wanted to take advantage of the wonderful relationships we have with seafood purveyors and fishermen in a different concept with the same level of quality that we offer at Pappas Restaurants, at an approachable price point.”

Shrimp Shack, located at 6945 I-45 South at the Pappas Seafood location at Woodridge, is all about value.

The selection is extensive, with a bold blend of appetizers starting at $4.95 and entrees starting at $16.95.

“I think this is a place people can come to weekly,” Christina Pappas says. “Pappadeaux Seafood is indeed a special occasion restaurant. At this place, you can come a lot more frequently.”

The menu is full of hot peel-and-eat shrimp, grilled and blackened fish, steak, fried catfish baskets, crawfish and more. No entrees are more than $30, and the vast majority of the apps come in around $10 or less.

“The chefs started in April and had a really good time. The appetizer section started out at eight, and now we’re at 15-plus,” Christina Pappas laughs. “They’ve definitely had a good time with this menu.”

Her hands-down favorite dish may just surprise you. “I just love their soup! I know, I know. It’ s a good seafood chowder and it’s beautiful,” she laughs. Christina Pappas also vouches for the crab cake bites and baked oysters.

The seafood chowder is a family favorite.

Does Shrimp Shack, something of a savory experiment, have the potential to become a permanent new restaurant?

“We hope so. We’re definitely still testing. Our goal is to make it a permanent restaurant, and it will most likely be in that location,” Christina Pappas says.

And if this Pappas Shrimp Shack takes off, who knows? “We’re always interested in opening more of everything,” she laughs.

It’s definitely still in transition mode, with the Pappas Seafood sign still hanging outside, and the interior a blend of both concepts.

“It’s a little of both worlds now. The goal is to slowly transition it to a fun, casual environment to enjoy some delicious seafood,” Christina Pappas says.

This is one seafood love shack.