When you’re a kid, Halloween is dressing up as your favorite character and running out to get all the Reese’s you can in your bag or pillow case. Or maybe you were one of those who got those cool, perfectly round plastic pumpkins for your candy carrying.

As adults, we can carry something a little more exciting: a craft cocktail that fits this delightful season of horror. Some are ridiculous, some may look better than they taste, but they’re all decently fun. These are a few spots in and around Dallas offering Halloween-themed drinks around the holiday; give them a try in between sneaking some fun-size candy into your diet.

Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse
The Smokin’ Ace: Rittenhouse 100 bonded rye whiskey, cinnamon smoke, Luxardo cherry liqueur, Tempus Fugit Vino Chinato, Amaro Meletti

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