Irish coffee has become as much of a classic cocktail as the Old-Fashioned or the Manhattan. And like a great Old-Fashioned, we love a new take on the old standbys.

Pappas Bros. always does things a little differently in their bar, and their Irish coffee is no exception. They start out as most others do — with coffee, fresh whipped cream and Irish whiskey (in this case, Jameson Black Barrel) — and then it goes off the deep end. Instead of the traditional brown sugar, they opt for a dark sugar blend to give it a caramel note, and then finish the whole situation off with Amaro Montenegro, a bitter and sweet amaro with beautiful orange notes. The amaro adds a beautiful complexity to perfection.

Pappas Bros. Irish Coffee ($13): Jameson Black Barrel, Amaro Montenegro, a dark sugar blend, coffee and lightly whipped cream

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, 10477 Lombardy Lane (Northwest Dallas)